Creative Director: Malte Burup
Programming: Kasper Brandt Jensen
Sound/Music: Pelle Skovmand
Animation: Mikkel Vedel


Sofus and the Moonmachine is an interactive children's book for tablet devices. The book is for kids between 6-8 years of age, but would probably interest an older and a younger audience as well. It is currently in production and will be released some time this year.

The book is visually challanging in its style and will not look like the average interactive children's book. The aim is to reach those children who are into strange and obscure worlds with lots of detail. The philosophy of the project is not to talk down to the children, but instead inspire them and create a world that is artistically as rich as a story for the older audience.

The project is created by Malte Burup, a danish artist, who has been working on it as a side-project in his spare time during the last 2 years. Malte works as an illustrator and as a concept artist/3D artist in the film and games industry.


This blog will show the development of the book, step by step, up until its release. The intention is to post chapters in a chronological order, which will tell the whole story, from the first idea to the final steps of the production. At the end of each chapter, I will try and give an estimate on how many workdays each area required.


Sofus is a strange little creature living on the forest planet. He loves building things out of scrap metal that has fallen from the Moonmachine. The Moonmachine lights up in the daytime and becomes the Sunmachine and in this way gives life to the many plants on the planet.

One day, the Moonmachine breaks down and doesn't turn into the Sunmachine, making the night everlasting. Sofus has to do something to save the forest from dying, so he builds a rocket and flies to the broken Moonmachine. He crashes on it's surface, breaking the rocket into five parts which he must find and collect to get home again. But while he is up there, he must also find the broken piece of the Moonmachine and fix it, so the Sunmachine will shine again.

There are many obstacles and dangers on his path, but Zum-Zum, a little robot, helps him and they become partners on the journey.
It all ends well, with the Sunmachine returning and Sofus flying home with Zum-Zum who has become his best friend.

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