My name is Malte Burup. I am a 28 year old artist living in Copenhagen, Denmark.

I graduated at The Animation Workshop in 2012 as a CG-Artist.
Since then I have been working as a freelance artist for games and film,
mostly doing concept art and 3D work. The last 2 years, my spare time has been used on working on Sofus and the Moonmachine.

My creative interest is massive, and I make art in many different ways.
Being a filmmaker, concept artist, painter, illustrator, storywriter, game creator and musician, there is not much room to become specialized in any of these areas. But I believe all of these artforms are connected and, as a generalist, I wouldn't be able to evolve in one area without the other. 

I am always exploring different art styles and my inspiration mostly comes from art cinema, classical art, 70's music/film, video games and the obscure/surrealistic.
Exploration is a key theme in my work. The discovery of new worlds is what drives both me as an artist and as an audience. The characters in my stories are therefore also quite often driven by the things which lies beyond.

I wish to create worlds with an atmosphere and story that will make the audience feel and eventually become inspired as I have been inspired.

Links to my work:

My artist portfolio: www.malteburup.blogspot.com

My music: www.themothercycle.blogspot.com


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